Who We Are

We provide full-day or partial day care all year for children from 6 weeks to pre-kindergarten.

Our philosophy

Stacey Cook, owner of both Majestic Harbor Children’s Centers, believes strongly that children learn through play. As the previous director of five pre-schools in North Carolina and Massachusetts, she has observed first-hand that learning through play is essential to a child’s development.

Through hands-on, age-appropriate activities, each child is encouraged to explore their surroundings and develop communication, interpersonal and collaborative skills.

We celebrate different traditions and beliefs throughout the year, encouraging children to respect each other, work together, share and interact through directed play.

In order for children to succeed and grow both academically and socially, they must be in a place where they can be themselves; a warm, comfortable environment where they feel accepted and safe. A place filled with love and trust. A happy place. Those places are the Majestic Harbor Children’s Centers in Gloucester and Rowley

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