We pride ourselves on being the only early childhood education facility in the area that provides our students with a variety of weekly academic enrichment programs at no additional charge. These programs include:

Spanish with Luce

Luce clearly makes learning Spanish a joy. She has a great way with our little ones with her expressive personality and her ability to  bring Spanish to their level and most importantly, make it fun!

Theater and music with Jape

The kids love Jape. He is fun and zany, as he brings music and the theater arts to toddlers and pre-school. Everyone wants to participate when he breaks out the dance music.

Lots of enrichment programs

We have puppet shows with fabulous puppeteers like Dora Tevan

Puppet show

Puppet show


and visits from zoologists.

Holding an alligator

Holding an alligator

In addition, we arrange for visits to Majestic Harbor from dentists to teach how to keep teeth healthy, marine biologists and other community members.

Firemen  bring their fire trucks and teach us fire safety. Policemen let us sit in their police cars and mailmen let us pretend to deliver mail.


We go on field trips! In the fall, for example, we go apple picking at Russell’s Orchard and in summer we go bowling (Majestic Harbor Gloucester).

We also go to a local nursing home and sing to the residents. They love having us come and we love going! We are very busy at Majestic Harbor!