For our parents


Please fill out a health screening checklist every day that your child comes to school



Some testimonials from parents…

Dr. Seussweek“The teachers are the best! So smart and sweet! They really focus on my child’s needs. Our daughter is having so much fun there and learning so much!”

“Not only do the teachers play an active role in educating our children they show them companionship and love that young children this age need. My kids (ages 2 and 3) look forward to seeing their teachers as much as their friends.  Being a preschool teacher for 7 year in my 20’s I see the ways the teachers are educated in preparing the children for kindergarten as well as expressive arts. They give the children the verbal and social skills to make and keep friends also.  There is not a teacher there I don’t genuinely like as a person and I’d even call them friends.  They get my 2 thumbs up.”

“My son has been attending Majestic Harbor since he was six weeks old, he is now almost three. I couldn’t ask for a more friendly environment for my son. The staff is very hands on. It’s more like having a second family! He is also learning so much. He has Spanish once a week and a dance/movement teacher that comes once a week.”

“The staff love my little man almost as much as I do!”

constructing“The teachers are wonderful and super attentive. I never worry about my kids at daycare. Not only that, they continually teach my 2 year old new things. He comes home and is learning his colors, numbers and the alphabet! I am so proud of him and work to continue their good work at home.”

” Majestic Harbor is the perfect combination of care, love, fun and learning – it feels like a big extended family.  I also really appreciate how Stacey and all the staff really want to partner with parents to provide the best experience for each child and the classes as a whole.  The Acting and Spanish enrichment activities are wonderful.  They even plan awesome special events for parents to attend with their children around the holidays.  My sons are having wonderful experiences at Majestic Harbor.”

Thanksgiving Indians“I have 2 children who have gone here, one is now in kindergarten and the other is still at Majestic Harbor.  The staff loves each child as if they were their own, they give them love, as well as knowledge. My daughter was far more prepared for kindergarten than most of the students in her class.  I have never once dropped either child off in over 4 years that I felt anything but confidence in the staff for what they were teaching to how well they were being cared for.  With Spanish and Music classes, this is the best school around.  I highly recommend it to anyone!”

“Great programs and teachers! They have theater arts and Spanish as well as all the important things kids need before they venture off to kindergarten. My daughter is definitely ready! Both of my kids have gone there!”

“The staff is extremely nurturing! They provide a safe atmosphere for learning at all age levels. The curriculum is amazing and sets the building block for future learning.”

“Teachers are invested.”

“I have sent all 3 of my children there. Wonderful nurturing staff & great curriculum.”

“Majestic Harbor is a family not just a preschool.  Not only that but academically I feel they blow the other preschools out of the water. My daughter just turned 5 and as this time last year, they started real math that included sorting counting, addition, and charts.  She has already started to read and knew her letters and numbers at a young age.

The teachers are always keeping themselves updated and educated on the newest and most innovative ways to teach.  They started doing lively letters last year, which is what they are doing in our town’s kindergarten.

They keep the classroom interesting.  Each week is a different theme and my daughter always looks forward to them.  My daughter talks about making an experiment in the bath tub and seeing which makes more bubbles, bubble bath, shampoo, or body wash.  She gets this from the teachers.  Yes, letters and reading are high up there on their list of things to teach, but I am so grateful that they don’t forget about math and science.

“I know my daughter is safe and in good hands.  I truly believe that Majestic Harbor is THE BEST place to send your child.”