"I was very hesitant in leaving my child with just anybody, but the teachers at Majestic Harbor were fabulous! Within minutes I felt as if I were leaving my daughter with family. She really connected with her teachers and therefore excelled in Majestic's learning environment. She is now a very enthusiatic learner. I love Majestic Harbor...so much so that I sent my little one a year early!"

Theresa Gallo


Each member of our faculty has training in Early Childhood Education. They have been carefully chosen for their exceptionally warm hearts, their genuine love for children and their desire to assist in the academic, social and emotional development of our students. Every staff member brings a unique background that contributes something special to MHCC. They are all nurturing professionals who are trained in health, safety and education.

Our teachers create activities and projects appropriate for each child, ask stimulating questions, provide challenges and assist our students in searching for answers, solutions and opportunities. The relationships between our teachers and students are based on mutual respect and trust.

At MHCC, we are invested in the physical and emotional health and well- being of our students just as much as we are in their academic development. We love each child for the smiles they bring us and the songs that they sing for us. And when they leave us to move on to bigger and better things, we miss them dearly, for each one of them has become a part of us.

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